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Reveal Sarahah Sender UsernameReveal Sarahah Sender UsernameSarahah RevealerFind out who has been sending you messages on Sarahah with this amazing Sarahah Revealer tool


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Sarahah Revealer, made in Saudi Arabia from Zain Tawfiq, has come to be a fad, taking the packs of Twitter and Facebook over. The agency, named for its Arabic term for “honesty,” immediately became a hit after its launch abroad in February, together with BBC reporting over 20 million consumers within a matter of weeks. Sarahah bills itself as a means to gather “honest” opinions — an opportunity for friends and co-workers to supply information, comment on your own strengths and weaknesses, or honestly point out issues.

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Further Information

On Twitter and Facebook, it is possible to see a Sarahah user via screenshots of the address bubbles which maintain their messages. The hashtag for your support is a cascade of remarks in an assortment of languages. You can not respond on Sarahah to anybody, therefore many users decide to react to their own commenters such a manner. Hunting throughout the Sarahah hashtag is a mixture of individuals rolling their eyes, sharing their own answers, or soliciting opinions. Much there is a performative character for this. Individuals have taken to submitting their compliments online.

For their curiosity is curiosity and a mixture feedback. I talked with over a dozen people who have used the program, whether to encourage remark, observations, or even both. I was told by user David Jenkins that the experience for him was eye-opening. “I personally receive a couple of pre-programmed calls, I guess,” he states.

Or how I wish I’d kept in touch with them.”

Social Media

Twitter consumer Steven Coffin said that, though he did not have an accounts, he has sent folks he conducts on the internet comments. He says that he prefers to send folks compliments. “I know a great deal of individuals have stressful times or merely dreadful days and I wish to produce their day brighter and Sarahah provides me a simple means to do this”

He’s “Additionally, being anonymous prevents them from thinking, ‘Oh they are only saying this because they’re my buddy,’ therefore I enjoy I can make people content and that it does not matter who provides them the glow, the one thing which matters is that the compliment itself.”

With have a sunny view of the way the system functions, with a number of them highlighting their desire. I was amazed by how positive were, in analyzing Sarahah myself out. 1 user explained that their desire is impacted by the nature of this platform.

“Being in a position to throw out a joke there without even needing to get my name attached makes me more prepared to create them at the first place,” they stated.

“And I feel that the satisfaction of this really being successful is not diminished considerably from the anonymity, so you still achieve the aim of earning people laugh.”

I was told by another user it makes it a lot easier to. “I mostly just attempt to send something reassuring to brighten their day cause I guess we can all use this,” they advised me through DM.

“I do not really get much of anything from sending the remark, but it just requires a brief quantity of time and that I hope it brightens up their day so why not?”